Gino the Chicken Pre Teen

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In its 52 episodes, the television series “GINO THE CHICKEN lost in the net” presents the incredible adventures of Gino, set to the wild rhythm of his songs. The famous singing chicken, kidnapped by RayMundo, is taken to the top-secret facilities of the Alamo Lab, where he is used, against his will, as the guinea-pig for a mad experiment carried out by Chief Colby: the dematerialisation of a living being inside internet. If the experiment with the chicken works, then it will be the turn of the entire human race to be dematerialised, and Chief Colby will become the all-powerful sovereign of the Web. Gino though, manages to escape from Colby’s grasp and, reduced to a pile of digital dust, flees into the endless maze of the Web. All alone lost in the Web, Gino arrives in Libertatia, where he makes friends with the X-Animals, mutant beings discarded in the course of bio-electronic evolution, and falls madly in love with the glamorous female chick Gina.

Gino the Chicken

Target: 7-12
Length: 52x13’
Version: English
Year: 2006
Production: Rai Fiction, Lanterna Magica, My-Tv
Producer: Maria Fares
Direction: Andrea Zingoni and Joshua Held
Created by: Andrea Zingoni
Screenplay: Andrea Zingoni Marco Mattolini Franco Bolelli
Characters and background: Joshua Held
Artistic direction: Andrea Zingoni
Graphic direction: Joshua Held
Production manager: Michele Buri
Editorial coordination: Luciano Cattaneo
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