Amazing History Pre Teen

Code: 010716

Amazing History, a very informative yet entertaining program about history in 65 episodes of 15 minutes each.
Each episode is dedicated to a different aspect of the ancient world: Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Vikings. Each topic is always developed and proposed in an original way along with the wealth 3D graphics and 3D animations, and all the information, curiosities and gossips that make up each episode. A fantastic and informative journey in ancient
history characterized by humor to entertain children in an easy and fun way.

Amazing History

DIRECTOR: Marco Stefani
PRODUCTION: Rai -Radiotelevisione Italiana Spa Rai-SAT SPA and LUMIQ SPA
LENGHT: 65 x 15'
VERSION: English
YEAR: 2005
SUPPORT: Digital Beta SP PAL

News & Projects

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    The 14th edition will be the first cross-media festival and go East with China as Guest Country!