Enrico Mattei the man who looked to the future Fiction - Miniseries - Contemporay drama

Code: 019334

After working in a factory, then managing one, and finally becoming a factory owner himself, young Enrico Mattei plays an active role in the Italian resistance. At the start of the period of post-war reconstruction, he is given the apparently thankless task of liquidating Italy’s debt-ridden AGIP oil  Company. Instead he revives the concern, to the chagrin of the multinational oil companies, which were hoping to buy it at a bargain price. Shunned by these “Seven Sisters” of the oil industry, Mattei makes Italy a player on the international market anyway, founding the Eni corporation. In a move that revolutionises the oil business, he reaches a separate supply agreement with Iran. He also supports the war of independence in Algeria and even challenges the power of the mafia in Sicily, where he has plans to build a huge refinery. In fact, the last plane trip of Enrico Mattei’s life starts from the Sicilian city of Catania and ends in a mortal explosion.

Enrico Mattei the man who looked to the future

DIRECTOR: Giorgio Capitani
CAST: Massimo Ghini, Vittoria Belvedere and Sydne Rome
PRODUCTION: Rai Fiction - Lux vide - Rai Trade Coproduction
LENGTH: 2 x 100'
VERSION: Italian, English subtitles
YEAR: 2009

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